Programme at a glance

Programme at a glance

Pre - Congress: Thursday, 17 September 2020

Time/Venue Programme
0830-1000 Postgraduate course Motility Course GIA course APSDE-WEO Advanced Diagnosis Endoscopy Course (ADEC) Hands-on workshop
1000-1030 Break
1030-1200 Hands-on workshop
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 APSDE-WEO High Quality in Upper GI Endoscopy Course (High-Q) Hands-on workshop
1430-1500 Break
1500-1630 Hands-on workshop
1730-1930 Opening Ceremony


Congress Day 1: Friday, 18 September 2020

Time/Venue Programme
0700 onwards Registration
0830-0910 APDWF-JGHF Okuda Lectureship
0910-0950  17th Panir Chelvam Memorial Lecture State-of-the-art-lecture 1: Innovations in Gastroenterology
0950-1020 Coffee and poster viewing
1020-1130 Live Endoscopy (UMMC/Live transmission) Symposium E1:
Upper GI
Symposium G1:
Symposium L1:
Hepatitis B 1 
Symposium M1: Asia Pacific Working Group CRC Screening APDWF Young Investigators Awards (APDWF YIA) 1
1130-1240 Symposium E2:
Lower GI
Symposium G2:
Symposium L2: NAFLD 1 (GOASIA) Symposium M2:
Upper GI surgery
Free paper 1
1240-1400 Lunch satellite symposium 1A Lunch satellite symposium 1B Lunch satellite symposium 1C
1400-1510 Live Endoscopy (UMMC/Live transmission) Symposium E3: Quick answers to hot questions in ESD  Symposium G3: How Do I Manage Functional GI Disorders? Real-World Practice Symposium L3: Liver transplantation Symposium M3: Gastric cancer APDWF Young Investigators Awards (APDWF YIA) 2
1510-1620 Symposium E4:
Small bowel endoscopy
Symposium G4: AGA-APAGE Joint Session - The Microbiome and Metabolic Health Symposium L4: Liver disorders - from bench to bedside Symposium M4:
GI bleeding
Free paper 2
1620-1740 Tea satellite symposium 1A Tea satellite symposium 1B Tea satellite symposium 1C Tea satellite symposium 1D
1740-1830 Coffee and poster viewing
1830-2230 Faculty dinner (By invitation only)


Congress Day 2: Saturday, 19 September 2020

Time/Venue Programme
0700-0815 Sunrise Session 2A Sunrise Session 2B Sunrise Session 2C Sunrise Session 2D Sunrise Session 2E Sunrise Session 2F Sunrise Session 2G
0830-0910 APDWF-JGHF Emerging Leaders Lectureship 1 State-of-the-art Lecture 2: Future of GI disorders in the Asia Pacific - learning from the past
0910-0950 APDWF-JGHF Emerging Leaders Lectureship 2 21st Distinguished Endoscopy Lecture
0950-1020 Coffee and poster viewing
1020-1130 Live Endoscopy (UMMC) Symposium E5:
Symposium G5: H. Pylori in the New Decade Symposium L5:
Symposium M5:
Liver surgery
Free paper 3
1130-1240 Symposium E6:
Symposium G6: APAGE-Rome Foundation Symposium on Gut Brain Interactions: What is it all About? Symposium L6:
Hepatitis C
Symposium M6:
Colorectal surgery
1240-1400 Lunch satellite symposium 2A Lunch satellite symposium 2B Lunch satellite symposium 2C
1400-1510 Live Endoscopy (UMMC) Symposium E7:
Symposium G7: Translating into Practice: What's New In Neurogastroenterology & Motility? Symposium L7:
Liver failure
Symposium M7: New development in digestive oncology Free paper 4
1510-1620 Symposium E8:
Symposium G8:
Symposium L8:
Hepatitis B 2
Symposium M8: Pancreatitis Free paper 5
1620-1740 Tea satellite symposium 2A Tea satellite symposium 2B Tea satellite symposium 2C Tea satellite symposium 2D
1800-1830 Coffee and poster viewing


Congress Day 3: Sunday, 20 September 2020

Time/Venue Programme
0700-0815 Sunrise Session 3A Sunrise Session 3B Sunrise Session 3C Sunrise Session 3D Sunrise Session 3E Sunrise Session 3F Sunrise Session 3G
0830-0910 APDWF-JGHF Marshall-Warren Lectureship
0910-0950 WGO Distinguished Global Lecture 20th MSGH Oration
0950-1020 Coffee and poster viewing
1020-1130 Symposium S1: Screening and eradication of H. pylori for gastric cancer prevention - proceedings from the Asian Pacific Consensus 2019 Symposium E9: Pancreato-biliary intervention in altered anatomy - "Grand Debate" Symposium G9: Quick answers to hot questions in esophageal dysphagia Symposium L9: Liver cancer 1 Symposium M9: Multidisciplinary bariatric therapy Young GI consultant Forum
1130-1240 Symposium S2: Gut microbiota - ready for prime time? Symposium E10: Third space endoscopy Symposium G10: Neurogastroenterology & motility 2 Symposium L10: Cirrhosis & complications Symposium M10: Multidisciplinary pancreatic tumour
1240-1400 Lunch satellite symposium 3A Lunch satellite symposium 3B Lunch satellite symposium 3C
1400-1510 Symposium S3: Best of DDW & APDW Symposium E11: Advances in capsule endoscopy Symposium G11: Barrett esophagus (Asian Barrett Consortium) Symposium L11: Focused update on other liver conditions Symposium M11: Paediatric gastroenterology & surgery Young GI consultant Forum
1510-1620 Symposium S4: Consensus Working Group 2 Symposium E12: Latest advancement & innovative techniques Symposium G12: Emerging topics in gastroenterology Symposium L12:
Liver cancer 2
Symposium M12: GI nutrition

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